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The advantages of MetLife Alico Citibank MasterCard

You are more secure…

Life is enjoyed so much better when there are no worries, stress and anxiety. And anything which may relieve us of these ‘unpleasant feelings’ are surely interesting, especially when it concerns our cards. With a Citibank card, you will feel and be more secure.

Fraud Early Warning System

Citibank, with the Fraud Early Warning System minimises the chances of fraud and if an unusual transaction is noticed in your credit card, we will try to call you in order to confirm it. Your transaction behaviour is being “monitored” by advanced software and should an usual transaction occurs, an alert is generated so that relevant bank’s department may try to contact you and verify it. If it is proved that a third party has used your card it will be blocked, protecting you from any further unauthorised transactions.


Credit Shield.

Now your credit card's balance is protected.



You will be a winner

A bank relation, just as a human relation, is supported by mutual respect. Your Citibank card expresses this respect
by rewarding you with gifts and special offers.


Free additional cards

Your loved ones can also enjoy all the benefits from using the same Citibank card.


Many interest free payments

You can benefit from the offers of interest free payments at all stores which carry the special sign, so you can have today the things you would buy tomorrow.


Balance Transfer

Balance Consolidation program from other credit cards to your card at a preferencial interest rate, for better control your finances.


Automatic Balance Payments

You can automatically pay your card balance, without hassles, through your Citibank bank account.


Always kept up-to-date

When we have proper information, we have better control. Citibank cards inform you in detail, so you can easily draw your financial planning.


Citibank Online

Learn more about your card transactions, see your available credit enrol to Citibank Alerts and manage your account online or enrol to e-Statement by using Citibank Online service.


CitiPhone Banking

Do you have any questions? Do you need more information? By calling 210 92 90 100 you will have all the answers.


ÁÔÌ Network

An extensive ATM network so that you can ‘pull out’ cash from anywhere you may be and be informed of your card transactions.




Learn more about Citibank cards and apply for your own card.

  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 801 11 11 6 11


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