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And the privileges have no end...

By using Affinity Card World MasterCard, in addition to the exclusive privileges you enjoy, you also have all the benefits of Citibank MasterCard:

Flexibility in settling the balance of your monthly card statement, with a minimum payment of just 3% of your balance due each time.

Accepted internationally at 25.000.000 merchants in 120 countries all over the world, and at 100.000 merchants throughout Greece, wherever there is a MasterCard sign.

Free additional cards, forever, for your beloved ones, allowing you to earn even more affinity euros.

Easy cash withdrawal at all ÁÔÌs of Citibank and of other banks bearing the MasterCard sign.

Citibank Online Service, allowing you to control your finances safely, wherever you are.

e-Statement Service, for an instant access to your monthly card statement as soon as it is issued.

Citi Mobile Service, through which you make your bank transactions on your mobile phone, easily, quickly, and from anywhere, as long as you have an account with Citibank.

Citibank Alerts Service, through which you receive instant notification about your card activity by SMS and e-mail.

24 hour telephone service via CitiPhone at 210 9290100, for any question or clarification you may need, regarding your card activity.

Ease in paying your card statement balance:

  • Through automatic payment by means of a standing order.
  • At Citibank ATMs
  • By means of CitiPhone Banking (210 9290100), 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, as long as you have a bank account with Citibank
  • At Citibank branches cashiers’ desks
  • Through Citibank online & Citi mobile
  • Through Quick Postal Payment available by the Hellenic Post
  • Through Pay by SMS service

Credit Shield. Now your credit card's balance is protected.




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