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The Affinity Card World MasterCard reward program

How you earn affinity euros

By every transaction you carry out, at any merchant, you easily accumulate affinity euros. Each affinity euro corresponds to one Euro, and the affinity euros accumulated by you, can be redeemed when you make your purchases at any of the Inditex Group stores. See the following example:

Merchant Transaction Amount Reward Percentage Affinity Euros Earned
Super Market 200€ 2,5% 5
Gas Station 100€ 2,5% 2,5
Restaurant 100€ 2,5% 2,5
Zara 80€ 2,5% 2
480€ 2,5% 12 = 12€

In the above example, by using your card for your daily shopping, you have automatically accumulated 12 affinity euros in your account, which correspond to 12 Euros.


How you can find out about the affinity euros you have accumulated

Your monthly card statement shows in detail:

The new affinity euros you have accumulated
The Affinity euros you have redeemed
The Affinity euros available for redemption

You may also find out about the affinity euros you have accumulated:

By calling CitiPhone 210 92 90 100
By asking the cashier at any of the Inditex Group stores


How you can redeem the available affinity euros

It is quite simple! Visit one of the Inditex Group stores, choose the products you like, and inform the store cashier that you wish to redeem your available Affinity euros. The value of the purchase you make should be higher than or equal to the amount you redeem. In your next card statement will see the amount credited and you will only have to pay the difference between the value of your purchase and the amount redeemed.




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