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Balance Transfer Plan


Transfer your credit card balances to a Citibank or  a Diners Club card at an interest rate of 8.9%*, with no time restrictions in regards to the repayment period!

Citibank and Diners Club cards now offer you the opportunity to transfer your existing balances from other banks’ credit cards and repay them at a privileged interest rate:

8.9%* floating rate
• with no time limits*!

Choose the card that covers your unique needs best, from the wide range of cards offered by Citibank, and apply for a Balance Transfer today:

At any Citibank branch or
• By calling CitiPhone 210 92 90 100/200


*The interest rate of 8.9% is a floating rate and is valid for the amount transferred until its full repayment.  The interest rate is a fluctuating one and It may be subject to readjustment in accordance with the provisions of your credit card General Terms and Conditions.  Total Annual Real Charge (TARC) for Citibank cards: 11.38% for an indicative amount of €3,000, to be repaid over 12 months, plus a 0.6% charge under Law no. 128/75, with approval and evaluation expenses of €50.  Total Annual Real Charge (TARC) for Diners cards: 10.83% for an indicative amount of €3,000, to be repaid over 12 months, with approval and evaluation expenses of €50. The amount transferred shall appear on the next statement of your Citibank/Diners Club card, and shall be included in the calculation of your minimum monthly balance.












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