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Citibank Cards

How do you define an unusual transaction?

An unusual transaction is considered one which has been substantially deviated from the normal buying habits of the owner.
The specialised analysts at CITIBANK offer valuable experience, so that they can evaluate a suspicion and / or unusual transaction.


Do you mean that you are spying on me?

The purpose of the Fraud Early Warning System is to control and to certify the legitimacy and authenticity of your transactions and not to spy on you.


In the case where it has been verified that fraud against you has taken place (deceitful use of my card),
who will pay for the amount which has been charged on my card?

Your card is immediately cancelled in order to avoid further use of your card by a third party. For the transaction which has already taken place as well as other transactions which may follow without being traced in Citibank’s control system, are considered valid according to the terms of use for the Card and the law.
In case of a transaction dispute, the owner must come in direct contact with the Customer Service Department.


Are you the only Bank which offers such a service?

Similar transaction control and monitoring systems are used by various credit companies, all over the world, but the difference with the respective one used by Cititibank is that it is especially advanced.








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