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Citibank Cards

What is it:

The Fraud Early Warning System constitutes a “smart” control system – monitoring of your transactions which have been made with Citibank (Visa, MasterCard) credit cards), in any country. The main purpose of this System is to protect the owners of Citibank credit cards, limiting, as much as possible, the chances of fraud.


How does it work:

The Fraud Early Warning System enters some of the most flexible and dynamic parameters into the control system which are immediately activated in order to create “alerts”.

These “alerts”, virtually, showcase transactions which may be very different from previous consumer behaviour of the owner, an event which makes them unusual. As a suggestive example of such transaction, possibly, are transactions with a value which surpass the average value of normal transactions which the customer materializes, or repetitive transactions which the client makes abroad, etc.

The transactions which are recorded in the system, are evaluated by experienced and specialised Citibank analysts, where they are in a position to verify the legitimacy and authenticity of the transaction. For this reason, the transaction controlling – monitoring team, tries to contact the actual member - owner by phone, in order to confirm if the unusual transaction is valid. In the case where the transaction is found to be fraudulent or deceitful use of the card (i.e. due to theft or loss of the card without the owner being aware), the control team will inform the owner, that they will proceed in immediate cancellation the card, in order to protect the owner against further use by a third party.

For the transaction or transactions which have already been made, as well as any transactions which may have followed that have not been traced by Citibank’s control system, are valid according to the terms of use for the Card and the Law.

The Fraud Early Warning System, of course, cannot substitute the value of the preventative actions we must take and the importance which we must give for the proper use and safeguard of our credit card.


What we have to remember:

  • Never give your personal identity number (PIN) to a third party and for greater security, you should change it often
  • You should always check to see if you have your credit card with you
  • For every transaction that you make, you should always check the debit statement which you sign and always save it, so that you can make sure that you have been properly charged in your next card statement
  • Always remember to take your card back, after every transaction
  • When you use your card at ATM, you should ask the customers who are waiting in line behind you to keep a safe distance
  • In case you lose your card, you should immediately call Citibank


ATTENTION: During the Bank’s contact with you, you will not be asked in any case for the 3 digit number which is on the reverse side of your card. This number may be asked only by companies/stores with which you make phone or mail orders, or in case where, during a transaction, the company may be asking for an authorisation number from Citibank by phone.










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