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The wise use of your card


Use it correctly

Taking advantage of the guide you will receive together with the issuance of your card, you will see that you have everything you need to help you use your card wisely and to be a winner…


Earn real security

With the Fraud Early Warning System, the bank may contact you if there are suspicions or unusual transaction made from your card in order to protect you. In addition, you can place a picture on your Citibank Card and make your card even more personal. Finally, all purchases made with your Citibank card are insured from theft or damages for 90 days.
You see, after all there are things that can provide you with great security…


Spend Sensibly

Don’t forget that you control your account, and not vice versa. You can be informed about all your transactions through Citibank Online at, or through Citiphone banking services and schedule the automatic payment of your balance so you do not have to ever worry about late payments. Your monthly statement is sent to you categorised so that you can see in which category you spend most of your money.


Win extra

You give and take. So don’t forget to take advantage of the reward programs. Free cards for each family member, interest free payments, discounts on brand names and preferential balance transfer make our relationship compensating. And for the fans of Olympiakos they win unique red-white gifts through the points scheme program of their card while the Vodafone mobile owners win discount up to 525€ in their mobile bill just by using their card.








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Fraud Early Warning System
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