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Why should I choose CitiFuture?


Because it’s the easiest way to start investing.

Now you can start investing with only 68,32 euros per month, by buying Mutual Funds, without the burden of entrance and exit fees. In addition, the money you use is invested, to a maximum, and within the first year, you can track your investment portfolio, on a daily basis, from newspapers.

Because it’s flexible.

With the Investment / Savings Plan CitiFuture you can adjust the plan according to your financial ability. Also, since not everyone is willing to risk at the same level, there are three alternative proposals, Conservative – Balanced – Dynamic, so that that everyone can choose a plan which best fits their needs. It is possible for you to change the investment plan once a year.

It does not commit neither you, nor your money.

You can, at any moment, ‘pull out’ part of your money. Therefore, if you need it, we will make it available to you. However, because it concerns an investment which will provide returns in the long run, a premature termination of the plan is not in your best interest.

You are secure.

Everything is possible to happen in our lives. If something serious or unexpected happens to you, your Investment/Savings Plan is insured and your dreams can still come true. In addition, we will be right by your side providing you with a regular monthly payments or a lump sum so that we can help you in any unfortunate moment.

Right of Withdrawal/Dissent

The Contracting Party has the right to withdraw within 14 days and the right to dissent within 30 days from the date of delivery of his insurance Contract with reimbursement of premiums paid by him in full. Should the Contracting Party wish to exercise one of these rights, he must make his intention known in writing to the Headquarters of ALICO (119, Kifisias Ave., 151 24 Marousi, Athens - Greece), within the above provided deadlines.


Should you wish to submit some kind of Request/Complaint with regard to some product or service of the Bank, please contact: a) Any Citibank branch in Greece, b) Citibank International plc.’s Client Telephone Service at CitiPhone 210 92 90 000, 24 hours a day, c) The Bank’s Client Service Department, P.O. Box 30 299, P.C. 105 57 Athens, and we shall reply within 45 days from receipt of the Request/Complaint at the latest. Should you deem that your Request/Complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, you may contact the “Banking Intermediary” at 210 33 76 700, on working days between 08:30 and 15:00.



Mutual funds do not have guaranteed returns on investment and previous returns do not secure future returns.

Investment Products are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by Citibank International plc or its affiliates, are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested and are not insured by any governmental agencies


For more information on Citibank’s investment/savings plans:

  • Visit any Citibank branch near you
  • Call us at 210 929 0000


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