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Asfaleia X4
Asfaleia X4


As we hear everyday on TV home burglaries, car thefts, assaults even on the road and even during the day have increased.
Citibank, in co-operation with the insurance company AIG Greece S.A. (119 Kifisias Ave., 151 24 Marousi, Athens) created the optional Program for total protection against theft
Asfaleia X4".
Asfaleia X4 compensates you for any incident of theft occurred and offers you the peace of mind that you need and which is so precious in our difficult daily life.

Below you will find a short description of the program’s coverage. For more details and further information, please visit one of our branches.



    Up to €7.500 - appliances, electrical and electronic devices, utensils, furniture, clothing and footwear - items that are standard equipment in a residence.
  • Up to €1.000 damage caused to the building.

    A 1.500 € Allowance if the vehicle is stolen.
    Motorcycles are not covered; there is a waiting period of 5 days.

    In cases of burglary or robbery of your personal belongings during the Policy Period.
  • The following per claim Limits of Liability apply:

    • Wallet - € 50 per claim
    • Handbag - € 100 per claim
    • Cash - € 50 per claim
    • Mobile phone - € 160 per claim
    • Portable Electronic Devices - € 60 per claim
    • Cost of newly acquired items - € 50 per claim
    • Transportation fee reimbursement - € 20 per claim

    Up to €1.000  for In & Out of hospital Medical Expenses
    5.000 for loss of life due to the assault

  • The cost is € 84 per year.
  • Age limit for the coverage 70 years.
  • Insurance period (Time between signing a contract and customer filing a claim) starts at 12a.m seven (7) days following the date when the application is filed.
  • Motorcycles are not covered.
  • The coverage is only for the main residence and not for the countryside.


Right of Withdrawal/Opposition
The insured has the right of objection and withdrawal by completing and sending to the insurer within 30 days from the beginning of the coverage, the specific form. If the insured brought any of these rights, the insurance program is cancelled from the beginning as if never occurred, from the date the statement of opposition or withdrawal has been received from the insurer. Any premium already paid on the day of opposition or withdrawal will be refunded to the insured.
It is clarified that the right of opposition or withdrawal cannot be exercised if the insured has already submitted a claim to the insurer, under the terms of the policy, prior to receipt of the above statement of opposition or withdrawal.

If the customer has a request/ complaint regarding a product or service offered by the bank, s/he may contact:
a) Any Citibank Branch in Greece
b) CitiPhone (+30210-9290000), the customer telephone service of Citibank International plc, , or
c) The Bank Customer Service, PO Box 19186 PC 11710 Athens, and Citibank will respond no later than 45 days, from the day of the request/complaint.

In case the request/complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, the customer may contact:

  • the Supervision of Private Insurance in Greece, Bank Of Greece (BOG) and
  • "Ombudsman", at 144 Alexandras Ave.114 71 or at +30210-6460276



Find out more information about the program “AsfaleiaX4”:

  • Any Citibank branch in Greece





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