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Euro Accounts
Accounts in Foreign Exchange
Fixed-term Deposit Accounts
Fixed-term Deposit Accounts

If you believe that risk is not in your character, you can place your money in a Fixed-term Deposit Account for a specific period of time which you can select. Your capital is guaranteed and you can have a return on your investment greater than that which is offered by a regular deposit account.


Fixed-term Deposits in Euro

If you can have your funds tied up for any period of time from 1 week to 5 years, Citibank can offer you some interesting solutions:

  • Competitive interest rates depending upon the duration and the amount
    of the deposit;
  • Choice of duration from 1 week to 1 year, for more flexible management
    of your funds;
  • Option of automatically renewing the deposit account by reinvesting the interest;
  • Monthly updates through Citibank Statement, by CitiPhone Banking or at the ATMs
    of Citibank using your Citibank Card;
  • Upon expiration of the term of the deposit we can follow your special instructions, depending upon your requirements.


Fixed-term deposits in foreign exchange

  • Competitive returns, with interest rates varying depending on the currency
    and the term;
  • Choice of deposit term from 1 week to 5 years, automatically renewed
    upon expiration;
  • Withdrawal of interest in either euro or foreign currency, according
    to your requirements;
  • Monthly updates through Citibank Statement, by CitiPhone Banking, by Citibank Online internet banking or at the ATMs of Citibank using your Citibank Card.



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