Markets and Securities Services Technology (MSST)


central-banner.jpgMSST, part of the Institutional Clients Group, has been present in Poland since 2013. Initially as a smaller development team for the Global Credit group, then in 2015 expanding further into full-blown software organization supporting FX Rates, Equities, Investor Services, and Electronic Trading global businesses. It now covers majority of the Spread and Fixed-income products spectrum.

We are accelerating that growth!

Already beyond 100 engineers, which enables a great deal of self-development and internal mobility, we're aiming at a force of 300 women and men within the next two years, Citi's presence in Poland considered strategic for the entire firm.

We are a part of the Institutional Clients Group and along other departments, like IT Support and Infrastructure who also have a significant presence in Warsaw, work with our global stakeholders directly. This allows us to focus on developing global, scalable and performant software and data platforms for the global investment banking part of Citi. Every day we work on impactful projects with stakeholders in multiple key hubs across the world, be it Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai or Singapore, through London and Belfast, to New York and Toronto.

Some of the technologies our various projects deal in are: Java / Python / .Net / SQL Server / C# / hdfs / Apache Spark / AWS / Spring / Clojure / Scala / Samza / Apache Kafka / Hive / js+HTML5 / KDB / MongoDB / cloud JVM fabric / Datomic / IBM Platform Symphony / Ab Initio / Jenkins / TeamCity / RabbitMQ / Couchbase / Oracle / git / Confluence / Jira / BitBucket.


We need to be clear; you aren't expected to know finance or banking. It's nice to have but our key aim is for you to start  contributing without unneeded delay. We will then provide you with all the training that can make you even more effective, including a better understanding of how our bank works and skills necessary to talk with our business partners directly. 

We believe that having a team, composed of developers of varied skills and interests, anywhere on the scale between junior and senior, gives everyone room to grow and an opportunity to keep learning from each other. We strive to create an open, friendly and accepting environment where any idea can be raised and discussed constructively without personal bias.

We actively seek out diverse personalities, with varied backgrounds and nationalities, which can provide alternative perspectives and allow us to make better decisions. Finally, we believe that career is a journey that needs to be interesting, valuable and where you're empowered to take control.

We think all this is key in enabling innovation.

Collectively we're quite a diverse crowd. We love:

  • motorbikes + travel
  • car racing
  • karting
  • snowboarding
  • cycling
  • skiing and snowboarding
  • firearms practice
  • basketball
  • football refereeing
  • recreational climbing
  • dancing, especially salsa
  • martial arts
  • urban exploration and trekking
  • tennis
  • body-building
  • workshop crafting

Obviously, we all love music, a good movie or book, and track technology headlines closely

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We appreciate that in a global, 24/7 business changes need to tested well and applied carefully. We develop and operate systems enabling billions of dollars of annual revenue and like any other financial institution, and a publicly traded enterprise, we have to adhere to audit and market regulations. What makes us different however is that we hire brilliant people who understand progress and innovation and then help us build modern, cutting-edge, software and tools that satisfy the process but still make us highly productive.

We actively seek ways to make our work and our systems simpler and ever more stable, budget time for refactoring and redesign to address rapidly changing landscape, give ourselves better tools and automate non-essential tasks. Due to impact we're having on the company we're empowered to influence change.

At the same time, being part of a 200-thousand-employee global firm enables many amenities. Cutting-edge hardware, server, virtualisation, software and desktop equipment. Vast library of internal and external training - technical, banking and soft-skills alike -and access to industry-standard certification is at our disposal. Any tool that can make you fulfil your potential better will be considered very seriously.

Some, but not all, of our teams are distributed, meaning developers in Warsaw continuously work with their counterparts in other time-zones. We are careful to observe everybody's healthy work-life balance through flexible working arrangements. We understand a meeting is not a solution to every problem and we're very careful about spending our limited time productively. We see the benefits of working together in the same location but when needed, we click a button and speak with anyone through a video chat.

We enjoy many amenities of a mature software development organization and we are particularly proud of our flat hierarchy that actually works and that most of our senior managers are software engineers themselves. Contrary to the popular belief, our dress code is not all business!

Our organization, at all levels, strongly believe that the key to sustainable and reliable software is a healthy balance between business value, proper architecture, and good quality code. We plan our programs along the concepts of horizontal scalability, service-based architecture, testing, and automation. We strive to make code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration, single-click deployment and code reuse important component of our compensation schemes. We default to agile or lean methodologies wherever possible.

For us managers are enablers, they are here to make your work easier and yourself more productive. We take continuous feedback and mid-year and annual reviews very seriously. Managers routinely undergo extensive training and are subject to review by developers as well. Appraisals are based on facts, teamwork, and key software engineering metrics.
We strongly believe upholding high development standards are crucial in making stable and performant software. There is really no other way to provide 24/7 systems that support our business in trading hubs internally and corporate and institutional clients externally across 160 territories ultimately assuring Citi remains competitive as a bank and becomes a go-to service provider for our clients!

That's exactly the reason why we're growing and why we're hiring for the projects in Warsaw, among them:


If you think you'd enjoy working with us or you would like to speak with a lead of any of the project above, do REACH OUT!
We will be happy to meet you and chat over coffee.