22 of April

Sławosz Sawicki talks to Gazeta Bankowa about Smart Branches

Career, Citi Handlowy

The latest issue of Gazeta Bankowa magazine contains an extensive interview with Sławosz Sawicki, Director of Smart Banking at Citi Handlowy.

 “Smart Branches are one of the elements of our strategy where highest quality service, innovation and efficiency are the key. All these three elements are integrated into the new distribution model. When developing our concept, we used the experience of our colleagues in the US, Singapore, India or Australia. Being part of a global bank, we feel an enormous advantage just because we benefit from global solutions. Taking our inspiration from Citi worldwide, we developed our own model customized to the requirements of the Polish market. Today, we are becoming one of Citi’s model Smart Banks.”

Read the whole article - link.

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