How much can I save in taxes?
Should I buy a tax-exempt or taxable bond?
How will my taxes and inflation affect my savings?
How much can I invest before taxes each year?
What happens if tax laws change?
How will changes in my tax rate affect my IRA decision?
Should I convert my IRA into a Roth IRA?
How Much Should You Set Aside for an IRA?

It's tax time again. This might be the best time
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your current financial situation and set
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Citi Can Help You Find the IRA That Fits Your Needs

Citi offers many different types of IRAs.

Citibank IRA offers Traditonal, Roth, and Rollover IRAs. You also have the flexibility to put your retirement funds in CDs, IMMAs or Savings accounts, or to invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Salomon Smith Barney -- a global, full-service brokerage firm -- offers the flexibility and professional guidance that can help you weather the retirement planning world.

Cititrade offers Traditonal and Roth IRAs and a number of on-line services for the self-directed investor.

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