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Phone banking

Banker whenever you need it
Telephone banking is a convenient way of communication between clients and Bank, which is included in all product offerings. Qualified telephone bankers are available on working days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to execute your payment transactions and other instructions, and to provide you with information about services and products.

Telephone banking is available via CitiPhone customer line at 233 062 222.

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With telephone banking, you get:
  • Interactive Voice Response System – for quick and easy information about your products.
  • Services of telephone bankers – submission of payment instructions.
  • Infoline – information about the current range of products and services.
  • access to bank and card accounts on working days between 8 a.m. and
    8 p.m..
Interactive Voice Response System
Telephone banking includes a dynamic interactive voice response system whose menu may be changed according to your current products and services.
Through the Interactive Voice Response System, you may:

Activate Citi credit or debit card.

Block Citi credit or debit card.

Check the current balance on bank accounts.

Check the current balance on card account and the information from latest card account statement.

Submit payment instructions.

Change A-PIN and T-PIN codes.

Pay bill for O2 services through Citi credit card.

Tips for using the voice response system:
  • For authentication purposes, please have your credit or debit card number as well as your T-PIN security code ready
  • Use the buttons on your phone to navigate easily in the interactive voice response system
  • To switch to a telephone banker, press "0" on your telephone keypad at any time during the call after authentication has been completed
  • When navigating in the interactive voice response system, press "9" on your telephone keypad to return to the main menu
  • If you would like to skip the information about the current balance on bank or card accounts, press "#"
What is T-PIN code?
  • It is a six-digit security code that you set yourself.
  • You must either memorize your T-PIN code or note it in a safe place so it cannot be misused by an unauthorized person
  • Do not share your T-PIN code with anyone
  • We use T-PIN code to verify your identity when you access to telephone banking
  • You will need T-PIN code whenever you call the telephone banking number
  • T-PIN code can be changed at any time
What is registered phone number?
It is a mobile phone number which you announced to the Bank as contact phone. When you call to CitiPhone customer line from this phone number, you will be asked to authenticate yourself using the T-PIN code without having to authenticate yourself with your Citi credit or debit card number.
Telephone bankers
If you would like to submit a complex payment transaction, you may use the services of telephone bankers on customer line who are ready to assist you at any time and to execute your payment transactions or other instructions.
Information Line
On Information Line, as part of the telephone banking service, telephone bankers can answer any question related to a current marketing campaign, products on offer, interest rates, exchange rates or Bank in general. The telephone number of the information service is 844 888 844.
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