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Citi Life Credit Card

Get more from each purchase!
This type of credit card is no longer issued. Credit cards already issued remain valid including all existing benefits, fees and other terms. In case that the credit card validity expires, the card will be renewed in accordance with the terms and conditions. Citi credit card holders will be subsequently informed about the next steps related to the sale of the segment of personal and credit card banking to Raiffeisenbank a.s.

For each purchase made by using Citi Life credit card, we'll reward you with 2% from the amount you pay for goods or services. We'll reverse your credit card maintenance fee in the first year from the card is issued. You'll receive up to 25% off on purchases of goods and services from selected Citi Club merchants. Citi Life is the perfect credit card – it rewards you for your shopping!
The main benefits of Citi Life Credit Card:
Citi Life
  • Get 2% from each purchase of goods or services at merchants, domestic, abroad or online. You can get monthly Citi Life Premiums worth up to CZK 1,000.
  • Additional discounts of up to 25% on goods and services purchased from Citi Club program partners.
  • We will reverse your monthly credit card maintenance fee in the first year since it was issued if you use your credit card for at least one payment in the given billing period.
Citi Life credit card is an international contactless MasterCard World credit card that gives you more.
2% from each purchase, domestic or international
From each purchase of goods or services paid by your Citi Life credit card, you get a reward of 2% in the form of Citi Life Premiums. You can decide how you want to use your Citi Life Premiums. You can get monthly Citi Life Premiums worth up to CZK 1,000, which are available for you in your Citi Life Premium account to be used in ways defined in the Benefit Program.
Additional discounts of up to 25% at Citi Club partner stores
Your Citi credit card allows you to take advantage of attractive discounts offered in the Citi Club program by our partners in the areas of gastronomy, shopping, sports, travel, health, and body care.
Reversing the card maintenance fee in the first year
We will reverse your monthly Citi Life credit card maintenance fee in the first year of the card being issued. All you have to do is pay with your card at least once during the billing period, either in a shop or online.
Unique design
You receive a credit card with a unique modern design that is partially transparent.
Contactless technology
All Citi Life credit cards issued from December 2011 are equipped with the contactless technology for fast, convenient and safe purchases. Click here for more information about contactless cards.
Discounts abroad with Citi World Privileges program
Use discounts for purchases of goods or services all over the world in Citi World Privileges program. More than 6,000 offers and discounts of up to 40% with partners of Citi World Privileges. More information at www.citiworldprivileges.com.
Four supplementary cards for your relatives free of charge
Share the advantages of your Citi Life credit card with your close relatives.
Credit limit of up to three times your net monthly income
With Citi Life credit card, you can perform payment transactions up to the approved credit limit.
Up to 55 days grace period for credit card purchases
If you pay all of your outstanding credit card balance in the grace period which takes up to 55 days, you will not pay any interest from the owed amount.
Low minimum due payments
Make monthly payments that suit you – the minimum due payment is 3.2% of the outstanding balance listed in the monthly statement (minimum of CZK 200).*
* A minimum due payment may further include due payments of installment Programs, and any interest from the last billing period as well as other fees or payments, in accordance with the Product Conditions for Citi Credit Cards.
CitiAlert service
Discounts from Citi Club partners