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Citi Life

Citi Life Credit Card
2% back from each purchase (domestic or abroad) and up to CZK 1,000 monthly. The maintenan-ce fee back in the first year.

Citi ČSA MasterCard

Citi ČSA MasterCard World
4 miles for each CZK 100 paid using the card or withdrawn from ATM. Family travel insurance included in the price of the card.

Citi Classic

Citi Credit Card Classic
Up to 25% off on goods and services offered in Citi Club. No fee for issuing or maintaining the card.

Citi Gold

Citi Credit Card Gold
Up to 25% off on goods and services offered in the Gold Club and Citi Club. Credit limit of up to CZK 600,000.


Citi BILLA Credit Card
Bonus 3% of purchases in BILLA stores in the Czech Republic.
Bonus 1% of all other purchases in the Czech Republic, on the internet and abroad.

O2 Citi Classic

O2 Citi Credit Card Classic
discount up to 30% on O2 services, automatic bill payment for O2 services.

Shell MasterCard
from Citibank

Shell MasterCard from Citibank
Up to 5% bonus on fuel purchases at Shell in the Czech Republic. Up to 0.5% bonus on all other purchases.

Citi Broker Consulting

Citi Broker Consulting
Get 2% back from each purchase of goods or services at merchants, domestic, abroad or online in the form of Citi Life Premiums which can also be used for payment of products or services provided by other financial and non-financial institutions.

Citi contactless payment stickers

Citi contactless payment stickers
The new payment technology that has been proven worldwide.

Contactless payments

Contactless payment
Fast, convenient, and secure payments. A new payment technology, already proven worldwide.
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