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Citi Credit Card Classic

A credit card with no maintenance fees
This type of credit card is no longer issued. Credit cards already issued remain valid including all existing benefits, fees and other terms. In case that the credit card validity expires, the card will be renewed in accordance with the terms and conditions. Citi credit card holders will be subsequently informed about the next steps related to the sale of the segment of personal and credit card banking to Raiffeisenbank a.s.

With the Citi Classic Credit Card you have access to money 24/7. Pay quickly and easily in the Czech Republic, abroad, and online. Take advantage of a high credit limit, up to 55 days interest-free, low minimum due payments, and attractive discounts in shops. Your Citi credit card gives you security.
The main benefits of Citi Credit Card Classic:
Citi Classic
  • Interest-free period of up to 55 days
  • No fees
  • Up to 25% off on goods and services offered in Citi Club
International credit card
You may use your Citi Classic Credit Card both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Up to 55 days interest-free
Use your Citi Credit Card for purchases with zero interest.
High credit limit
You may obtain a credit limit of up to four times your net monthly salary.
Low minimum due payments
Make due payments that suit you – the minimum is 3.2% of the amount used from your credit limit (minimum of CZK 200).*
Photograph on the front of the card
Design your card to match your style and lower the risk of misuse.
Up to three supplementary cards for your family
Share the advantages of the Citi Classic Credit Card with your friends and family.
Discounts up to 25% on purchases from Citi club program partners
Your Citi credit card allows you to take advantage of attractive discounts offered in the Citi Club program by our partners in the areas of dinning, shopping, sports, travel, health, and body care.
Online purchases
You may of course use your Citi Classic Credit Card to pay for goods or services online.
A sample APR calculation can be found here (in Czech).
* and any interest from the last perid as well as other fees or payments, in accordance with the Business Terms and Conditions
Insurance products are offered by Citibank Europe plc., organizační složka in cooperation with the insurance provider, POJIŠŤOVNA CARDIF PRO VITA, a.s.
CitiAlert service
Discounts from Citi Club partners