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Debit CitiCard

A safe card for all your accounts
CitiCard – one debit card – an efficient tool to manage all of your current accounts that are part of the Citikonto Plus or Citi® Premium service package. With the embossed, chip-based debit MasterCard, you may withdraw cash from ATMs, pay in shops, and make purchases online. Your debit CitiCard may be linked to a current account in CZK as well as to foreign currency accounts. Control your finance effectively with your debit CitiCard.
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  • Contactless technology
    • Your CitiCard Debit Card is contactless – this card facilitates fast, convenient and safe purchases at stores. To make a payment, simply wave your card near the contactless terminal. You save time and the card never leaves your hand.
  • Unlimited payments
    • Pay at the more than 30 million merchants worldwide that accept MasterCard.
    • Make purchases safely and quickly in online shops.
    • Withdraw cash from ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad. Every month, you can enjoy a limited number of no-fee cash withdrawals using your debit CitiCard in the Czech Republic.
  • Easy payments
    • You may obtain a debit CitiCard as part of the Citikonto Plus or Citi® Premium service package - there are no maintenance or issuance fees.
    • The debit CitiCard is by default linked to your CZK current account, but you may also link it to foreign currency accounts at any time - you will then have one debit card for all your current accounts.
    • You may set and modify limits on purchases and cash withdrawals using your debit CitiCard yourself.
    • With your debit CitiCard, you may take advantage of the benefits and discounts of the Citi Club program.
  • Safe payments
    • You set your own PIN security code.
    • The implementation of chip-based technology has significantly reduced the risk of card fraud.
    • At any time, the debit CitiCard may be deactivated or reactivated for online transactions.
    • For online transactions, we offer even greater security thanks to the 3D Secure service.
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