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Internal Citi Partners

We support collaborative problem solving, program development and skill-based volunteering that leverages the enormous expertise of Citi and its employees and maximizes grant resources so we can fulfill our mission. Some of the internal Citi partners that contribute to these efforts include:

Citi Community Development

Citi Community Development (CCD) is leading Citi's commitment to achieve economic empowerment and growth for underserved individuals, families and communities by expanding access to financial services, and building sustainable business solutions and innovative partnerships. CCD's focus areas include: commercial and philanthropic funding; innovative financial products and services; and collaborations with institutions that expand access to financial products and services for low-income and underserved communities.

The Citi Foundation works with Citi Community Development Regional and State Directors across the U.S. and Canada to achieve its goals. For more information, please visit Internationally, the Citi Foundation works with regional Corporate Citizenship Heads to foster relationships with innovative and impactful NGO partners with deep knowledge of the local needs.

Asia Pacific
Regina Seow
Yibin Chu
Lina Lee Chen Chen

Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Rachel Barber
Swati Patel

Citi Microfinance

Citi Microfinance works across Citi's businesses and regions to provide products and services for microfinance institutions (MFIs), networks and investors that lend to the underserved. The program serves more than 100 MFIs in more than 40 countries around the world and has helped make microfinance an integral part of the financial infrastructure to expand access to financial services for the underserved.

Citi Environmental Sustainability

At Citi, we believe that working to promote environmental and social sustainability is good business practice, from both a risk and opportunity perspective. Citi Environmental Sustainability analyzes the potential impacts of Citi's business activities and takes action to reduce environmental risk and impact. The team also looks for opportunities to make sustainable investments and develop products and services with positive environmental and social impacts.

Citi Community Capital

Citi Community Capital (CCC) is a premier financial partner with nationally recognized expertise in financing all types of affordable housing and community reinvestment projects. CCC's origination, structuring, asset and risk management staff across the country provide creative financing solutions designed to meet their clients' needs. CCC helps community development financial institutions, real estate developers, national intermediaries and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals through a broad, integrated platform of debt and equity offerings.

Citi for Cities

Citi participates in the fabric of city life by providing solutions that deliver simpler, faster, smarter and more accountable financial and transaction services. Citi help cities modernize infrastructure, drive efficiency and deliver better services. We prime cities for business and investment, to ensure economic security and drive sustainable growth.

Citi Office of Homeownership Preservation

Citi created the Office of Homeownership Preservation (OHP) to work with nonprofit partners and other third parties representing Citi borrowers at risk. OHP's goal is to increase outreach to homeowners in default or in danger of imminent default directly as well as indirectly through the housing Counselors representing them. OHP provides counselors with resources and works with them to find the best possible option for a borrower experiencing a hardship.

Diversity at Citi

At Citi, we place the highest value on our employees. Citi provides a safe and stimulating workplace with ample opportunities for personal and professional skill development. Citi's Office of Diversity has a leadership role in the company's commitment to a diverse workforce that reflects its global client base.

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