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Funding & Liquidity Overview

Funding Overview

Citigroup's banking and financial services lines cross many different product lines, legal entities, and geographies. As a result, Citigroup raises funding from a variety of sources globally. Citigroup’s sources of funding include (i) deposits via its bank subsidiaries, (ii) long-term debt (primarily senior and subordinated debt) primarily issued at the parent and certain bank subsidiaries, and (iii) stockholders’ equity.

Citigroup’s funding and liquidity objectives are to maintain adequate liquidity to fund its existing asset base, grow its core businesses in Citicorp, maintain sufficient liquidity, structured appropriately, so that it can operate under a wide variety of market conditions, including market disruptions for both short- and long-term periods, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

For a brief overview of how Citigroup funds its various businesses, please click on the image to the right.

For a more thorough description of our funding and liquidity, please see “Funding and Liquidity Risk” in our annual Form 10-K and quarterly Form 10-Q SEC filings.

Funding & Liquidity Management

Liquidity StrategyCitigroup’s funding and liquidity is managed by the Citi Treasurer. Liquidity is managed via a centralized treasury model by Corporate Treasury and by in-country treasurers. Pursuant to this structure, Citigroup’s goal is to maintain sufficient funding in amount and tenor to fully fund customer assets and to provide an appropriate amount of cash and other liquid assets, even in times of stress. The liquidity framework provides that entities be self-sufficient or net providers of liquidity, including during times of stress.

For an overview of our liquidity management process, please click on the image to the right.

For a more thorough description of our funding and liquidity management, please see “Funding and Liquidity Risk” as provided in our annual Form 10-K.

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