Zion Shohet Executive Vice President, Citi Financial Regulation Reform

Zion Shohet

Executive Vice President

Citi Financial Regulation Reform

    Zion Shohet is Executive Vice President overseeing Citi's firm-wide response to Financial Regulation reform.
    Most recently, Mr. Shohet was Chief Operating Officer of Citi's Institutional Clients Group and a member of Citi's Senior Leadership Committee.
    Before that, Mr. Shohet served as Treasurer and Head of Corporate Finance for Citi. Before that role, he was Citi's Head of Strategy and M&A, helping to shape the direction and strategy of the company and to drive its acquisition program. Prior to assuming that position, Mr. Shohet worked in Citi's International businesses.
    Before joining Citi in April 2001, Mr. Shohet worked in venture capital, where he made investments in financial services companies, and for McKinsey & Company's New York office, where he advised institutional and retail financial services clients on strategy, operations, and corporate finance. Earlier in his career, he worked for Oliver, Wyman and Company in retail banking and insurance.
    Mr. Shohet received his JD from Harvard Law School and his BA in economics from Princeton University, both with high honors.