Judith Rodin President, Rockefeller Foundation

Judith Rodin

President, Rockefeller Foundation

    • President, Rockefeller Foundation - 2005 to present
    • President Emerita, University of Pennsylvania - 2004 to present
    • President, University of Pennsylvania - 1994 to 2004
    • Provost, Yale University - 1992 to 1994
    • Director of Citigroup since 2004
    • Other Directorships: Comcast Corporation and AMR Corporation
    • Previous Directorships within the last five years: Aetna Inc.
    • Other Activities: World Trade Memorial Foundation (Director), Carnegie Hall (Director), Brookings Institution (Honorary Director), White House Project (member), Council on Foreign Relations (member), Institute of Medicine (member) and New York City Commission for Economic Opportunity (member)