Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future

    • Citi's global network
      connects people
      and commerce
      across the world.

    • Banking in Africa

      Partnering to reshape the future of banking in Africa

      Empowering Africans with financial services is a critical step in the continent's development. That's why Citi is working to improve access to banking across Africa. So far, over 100 million people have benefited from partnerships with telecommunications providers. And, we've helped Africa-based NGOs use mobile payment technology for cash-disbursement.

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    • Citi Funds the Transatlantic Cable

      Telegraphing the future of instant communication: Transatlantic Cable

      Three weeks. That's how long it took to deliver a message from New York to London in 1865, assuming there was smooth sailing. That changed a year later with the laying of the Transatlantic Cable, a Citi-funded venture that meant messages could be transmitted between continents in minutes. And what once required crossing an ocean now only took a few keystrokes.

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    • 12M invested by Citi in mobile banking initiatives in Africa