Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future

    • Citi is committed to
      building more
      connected and
      sustainable cities.

    • Urban Infrastructure: Citi for Cities

      Pioneering the future of urban infrastructure: Citi for CitiesSM

      The Citi for CitiesSM initiative is our commitment to help create the urban center of the future, with modernized infrastructure, job creation and enhanced liveability. By partnering with city administrators and applying expertise from around the world to urban ecosystems, we can put the best of Citi to work in your city.

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    • The Global Economy: The Panama Canal

      A man, a plan, a shortcut:
      the Panama Canal

      One of the greatest engineering feats in human history, the Panama Canal saves 15,000 ships a year an 8,000 mile detour. At the request of President Theodore Roosevelt, Citi played a central part in financing the canal — encouraging international trade and expanding the global economy.

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    • 400 cities around the world have a population of 1 million according to the UN