Emerging Markets Sales and Trade


Real-time Account Information
You will have a quick access to the information on all balances, end-of-day and intraday account statements and transaction details for all accounts held at Citibank. This will allow you to take accurate investment decision.

E-mail delivery of statements
CitiDirect allows automatic delivery of account statements on a secured e-mail or group of e-mail addresses with various frequency.

Future value dates
Payments with future value dates are allowed up to 45 calendar days

Diverse world currencies
Payments available in over 130 world currencies

Integration between CitiDirect and your Accounting Systems
The export capabilities of CitiDirect Online Banking give an opportunity for connection with your accounting system for reconciliation. Customers can define the export formats. Number of predefined standard formats (SAP, SWIFT, etc.) can also be used.

Available in Bulgarian and 23 more languages
CitiDirect is a multi-language system and is completely developed to display all screens in Bulgarian or another language from the list of all 24 available languages.

Automatic Upgrades
CitiDirect Upgrades are automatic and periodic. The new enhancements are downloaded via Internet when you log-on.

High-secured protection
Reliable security is vital to the end-to-end transaction process flow. The dynamic passwords help ensure security and controlled access to the information.

Quality Service and Support
Citibank Bulgaria provides prompt expert assistance and ongoing system support. Our Electronic Banking Team delivers customer service through a dedicated telephone line at +359 (2) 917 5141 or on-site support to your office.