User Name:
A User Name is a name that you choose to identify yourself while signing onto Citibank Online. This can be any name, which is a combination of letters and numbers and should be of minimum 6 and maximum 50 characters.
Your Password is a secret code of your choice that you will have to use along with your User Name each time you wish to sign on to Citibank Online. Your Password should be known ONLY to you and should not be disclosed to anyone not even to Citibank staff.
Virtual onscreen keyboard:
When you click on the Password, PIN or secret answer fields, an image appears on your screen that looks like a keyboard. Using your mouse you will have to enter your Password, PIN or secret answer on this onscreen keyboard. The onscreen keyboard will appear only when you have clicked on any of these fields.
Citibank - Bahrain

 Be an Informed Customer.

Credit Card Payment Locations
Citibank ATMs

• Bahrain Financial
• Ramli Mall
• Lulu Hyper Market   Riffa
• Bahrain City
  Centre, Manama
• Bahrain Mall

• Al-Morjan Center,

• Bahrain
  Airport Muharraq

• Saar Petrol Station

• MegaMart

• Inside GIB Building

• Seef Shopping Mall
• Sitra Petrol Station
• Bab Al Bahrain
• Citibank Seef
• The Lagoon
  Amwaj Islands
• Tala Island Amwaj

• UAE Exchange
  Exhibition Road

Citibank Online
Citibank Online -
UAE Exchange Outlets
• Lulu Hypermarket, Riffa
• SH. Hamad Road
• Gudaibiya
• Ramli Mall
• Muharraq
• Manama
• Dana Mall
• Bahrain City Centre
• Hamad Town
Citibank Branches
• Manama
• Amwaj
• Seef
Update Your Profile
As part of the Central Bank of Bahrain
guidelines, all our customers must provide us with their updated documents to help us provide uninterrupted services.

List of documents required:
• CPR/Smart Card/National ID
• Passport
• Driving License

Channel for submission of your documents:
Any Citibank branch in Bahrain
Award Winning Online Banking
Bank conveniently, anytime, anywhere and enjoy a host of benefits including:

• View all your accounts online

• Transfer money using our newly introduced facility of the ‘Money Mover’

• Pay your Credit Card as well as your Utility Bills

• Request paper statements

• Recommend a Friend

• Change your PIN

• Update Personal Details

Use Credit Responsibly
• Always borrow what you can comfortably repay. Taking too much debt can create undue stress and financial hardships.

• Choose a credit that suits your requirement.

• Reducing the term of a loan means paying interest for a shorter period.

• Have your financial goals in mind when you use your credit.

• Keep track of how much you owe on your Credit Card.

• Pay your balance in full each month to
benefit from the interest-free period on your Credit Card.

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