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Internet Security FAQs

Secure Online Banking
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Unauthorized use of Accounts
Will an unauthorized person be able to access my accounts with Citibank Online?
What are Cookies? What is Citibank's policy regarding the use of Cookies?
What is encryption?
How secure is encryption?
What level of encryption protection does Citibank Online support?
How can I be sure that my information and account data are securely sent through Citibank Online?
How can I verify that the Citibank Online pages belong to Citibank?
I would like to refer to a paragraph on your User Agreement, how can I get a copy of it?
Can I exit Citibank Online by clicking the browser-closing button at top right?
What if my computer crashes or I get disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a transaction by accident?
How do I know whether the transactions made through Citibank Online have been completed?
Who can I contact if I run into some technical problems?
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