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Long Serving Employees

Long Serving Employees
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Manama - Citibank Bahrain today recognized 15 of its employees by granting them long-service and life achievement awards. The awarded employees were:
  • Tawfiq Zubari: for 30 years of service at Citibank.
  • P. Jagannath and Alawia Abbas: for 20 years of service.
  • Nalluri Sri Krishna, Jaffar Abedali, Asya Makki, Hussain Ashoor ,Raul Vacarizas, Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Jover Nocom and Rajeev Pathak: for 15 years of service.
  • Ajay Browne, Deena Abdulla Ebrahim, Nadia Abdulla Ismail Hassan, Herman Valenzona and Mohd Bilal Alavi: for 10 years
Awards were presented by Mayank Malik, Chief Executive Officer, who said: "The success and growth of Citibank in Bahrain is owed to the hard work and dedication of its employees. Citibank is always ready to support staff and stand by them, while recognizing their achievements, long-service and dedication to the firm."
Tawfi Zubari, the longest serving employee at Citi Bahrain, said: "It's been a great journey at Citi, full of challenges, experiences and memories. In retrospect, I feel happy and content that I chose Citibank to work for. 30 years on, I'm still excited about this company."
Citi has been in the Arab World for nearly 50 years and continues to view the region as critical to its global franchise. It is currently present in ten Arab countries including Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.
Since establishing its onshore presence in Bahrain in the late sixties, Citi has evolved into an active corporate citizen, with a particular interest in supporting financial education and developing Bahrain's talent pool. The bank is credited with training hundreds of Bahrainis, many of whom remain active employees of the bank, while others moved on to assume leading positions at other financial institution in and outside Bahrain.
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