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Endless gifts with Citidollars
Welcome to Citibank Rewards !
The World's No.1 card is the most rewarding -Every time you use you credit card instead of cash, cheques or other credit cards, you're well on your way to earning exciting Rewards.
Enrolment fee in the Citibank Rewards Program is 400 CitiDollars. You will be automatically enrolled in the program.
Keep Collecting CitiDollars:
Every time you use your Citilife Credit card, you will earn points called CitiDollars. For every Bahraini dinar you spend, you will get one CitiDollar. The number of CitiDollars you can earn and accumulate will automatically appear in the monthly statement . You do not have to track them separately. What's more, your CitiDollars never expire. You can redeem them at any time as long as you Card is valid.
Exchange your CitiDollars for gifts:
The number of CitiDollars required for each item in the Rewards catalogue is indicated next to the code for that item. After you confirm the gift you want, the number of the CitiDollars for that gift will be reduced from your account.
It's so easy to order your gifts:

Please log on to your Citibank account via Citibank Online . Go under your Credit Card and click view rewards, you will directed to Global Rewards website to choose any gift based on the accumulated points showing in your account.

Get your gifts faster with the FAST TRACK option:
For certain gifts, you have an option to obtain them faster. Just look at the Fast Track option (if available) against each item. You can get your gift with a lower number of CitiDollars by paying an additional amount which contributes towards the difference. This additional amount will be debited from your Credit card account. Our CitiPhone Officer will help fulfill your request.
Delivery of Rewards items:
We will send you a letter which entitles you to collect your gift from a specified outlet
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