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Personal Accounts

Welcome to the world of Personal Accounts
Citibank offers you a range of products and services to meet your financial needs.With a variety of accounts, Citibank helps you manage your finances better.
Invest in a Time Deposit or join the exclusive world of CitiGold.
Take advantage of Current and Savings accounts or manage your transactions and check payments through the powerful Citibank Account.

Personal Accounts Highlights

Current Account
When you open a Current Account at Citibank, you open your window to the world. Welcome to Citibank
Savings Account
When you open a Savings Account at Citibank, you start a relationship with the world leader in financial services.
CitiBest Account
With unique advantages of:
  • International Chip (EMV) Debit Card
  • Citibank Online
  • 24-Hour CitiPhone Service
  • First check book
  • Utility Bill Payment Facility
Time Deposit
Earn Attractive returns when you invest in Citibank BD Time deposits
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